Top 3’s

There are two things we love in this world: video games and lists of no less than threes. So for every episode of RESET we separately prepare a Top 3 list based on a listener’s topic suggestion.

Some of our more ‘entitled’ listeners demanded we maintain a list of all the Top 3 topics we’ve done. That’s just the kind of pedantry we expect from you people. Anyway, we’ve done that. Cause we love you.

EpisodeTop 3 List
1Most anticipated games of 2016
2Childhood games
3Silent protagonists
4Easter eggs
5Gaming disappointments
6Female protagonists
7Male protagonists
8Unfounded E3 2016 Predictions
9Theme songs
10Shocking moments
11Games of the first half of 2016
12Games that everyone seems to love, but we don't
13Pokemon that don't exist, but should
14First person games that AREN’T shooters
15Racing games
16Sports games
17Funniest games
18Celebrity voice actors in games
19Games where you play as the villain
20Local multiplayer games
21Crowdfunded games
22Fourth wall breaking moments
23Cosplay ideas
24Best of EB Expo 2016
25Hidden gems in gaming
26Upcoming games that won’t disappoint
27Games that we’d love to see in VR
28Indie Games were looking forward to seeing at PAX 2016
29Best of PAX 2016
30Video game movies
31Games based on movies
32Covers, remixes or samples of video game themes
33Games that need a sequel or new entry
34Games which we’ve spent the most time playing
35[RESET Awards 2016]
36Most anticipated of 2017
37Games we’d like to see on the Switch
38Cancelled games
39Items we want to see in a collector’s edition
40Best of RTX 2017
41Protagonists that deserve a better game
42Games to play on the toilet
43Reasons you shouldn’t buy a Switch
44First impressions of the Nintendo Switch
45Launch titles
46MS-DOS games
47Moving moments in video games
48Non-human companions
49PC exclusive games
50Arcade games
51Games in our pile of shame
53Gaming magazines
54Mario Kart tracks
55Games for new gamers
56Cringeworthy E3 moments
57Unfounded E3 2017 Predictions
58Best of E3 2017
59Games that made us feel powerful
60Annoying video game characters
61Video game soundtracks
62Games of 2017 (so far)
63Banned games
64Nintendo 64 games
65Games we got in a cereal box
66Overwatch skins which should exist
67Video game trailers
68Favourite pieces in our gaming collection
69Games we’d like to see remade in fully immersive VR
70Board/Tabletop games
71Couch co-op games
72Platform exclusive games
732D Platformers (other than Mario)
74Best of EB Expo 2017
75Games with unique visual art styles
76Indie Games we're looking forward to playing at PAX Aus 2017
77Best of PAX Aus 2017
78Characters in the Mushroom Kingdom
79Gaming Systems/Consoles/Platforms
80Lines of gaming dialogue
81[RESET Awards 2017]
82[RESET Awards 2017]
83[RESET Awards 2017]
84[RESET Awards 2017]
85Most anticipated games of 2018
86Games we’ve bought more than once
87Fighting game characters
88Crossover games which should exist
91Strategy games
92Movies that should have a video game adaptation
93Games you loved that you wouldn’t recommend to anyone else
94Characters who deserve their own spin-off
95Worst game instalments in a series
96Upcoming games that will disappoint
97Games we were positive we’d love, but didn’t
98Future kits/templates we want for Nintendo Labo
99Best story/narrative in a game
100[Totally legit LIVE Press Conference]
101Single player games for replayability
102Hack and slash games
103Simulation games
104Worst Trends In Games Right Now
106Indie games
107Games you stayed up all night to play
108Horror games
109Puzzle games
110Gaming franchises that should take a break
111Games that need to be on the Playstation Classic
112Characters we want in Super Smash Ultimate
113Indie Games were looking forward to seeing at PAX Aus 2018
114Best of PAX Aus 2018
115Open worlds in gaming
116Mobile games
117Games that justify an XBOX Game Pass Subscription
118[RESET Awards 2018]
119[RESET Awards 2018]
120Most anticipated games of 2019
121Gaming predictions for 2019
122Best games we've never played
123Final Top 3 Roundup