#83 – Bloodborne 2 confirmed? Well no, but maybe.

So without knowing for sure that FromSoftware’s teaser shown off at The Game Awards was teasing Bloodborne 2, we thought we’d send an email to their press mailbox for confirmation. We got an almost instantaneous reply from mailer-daemon, so that seems like a pretty good sign. Oh, and we attempted a second run of Hidden Agenda this week. Hopefully third time’s the charm.

This week we’re also discussing the biggest announcements at The Game Awards 2017, the biggest announcements at Playstation Experience 2017, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the impending release of Aussie indie game RUMU, Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris content removal, Detroit: Become Human’s negative press during the week and Million Onion Hotel.

And finally, we discuss the winners of the third RESET Award for 2017: The ‘We like Original Games’ Award, and play RESET Mini-game: 20 Questions.