#79 – Celebrating the Xbox One X and all gaming consoles

Console yourself for this week’s episode cause we’re talking about gaming consoles like the lovely new Xbox One X, with a value proposition that simply can’t be beat: 6 teraflops and no games. We’ve had hands on time with the world’s most powerful console this week, so join us while we discuss the primordial question: should you buy one? We’ve also passed Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, so plenty to talk about.

This week we’re also discussing Telltale Games laying off a quarter of their staff, Extra life fundraising marathon, Niantic working on a Harry Potter game called Wizards Unite, Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer expansion: Comrades, Grand Theft Auto 5 being the best-selling videogame of all time in the US, Xenoblade crossover in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Red Dead Redemption 2’s recurrent consumer spending.

And finally, we list our Top 3 Gaming Systems/Consoles/Platforms, and play RESET Mini-game: Who’s that sound.