#7 – Getting excited about E3 and Dark Souls 3 Challenge Results!

On this week’s RESET Podcast we discuss our excitement around E3, talk of a Division movie starring ‘Steak’ Gyllenhaal, our attendance of the movie premier of WARCRAFT, reception of Overwatch and Battleborne, Metal Gear Solid Pachinko (Konami sucks), Ratchet and Clank, Hitman Episode 3: Marrakech and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5. We also discuss our Top 3 Male Protagonists and review the results of our Weekly Challenge, which for this week, was the long awaited Michael vs. Tegan in Dark Souls 3. Don’t forget to email us with your Top 3 Suggestions, Challenges and anything else you want us to talk about, at: resetpodcastau@gmail.com