#67 – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is super creepy and we love it

Think you’ve already got the game of the year pegged? Well guess what, you probably do. But that doesn’t mean we can’t suggest a close second, or third. Or fourth, perhaps. It’s been a big year for games so it’s tough to say. Whatever the case, you’d be out of your mind (no pun intended) not to play Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. We’ve passed it this last week, and we’ve got a lot to say about it.

This week we’re also discussing Blizzard flip-flopping on Battle.net, Batman: The Telltale Series Season 2, Microsoft’s upcoming Gamescom Press Conference, We Happy Few getting a release date, Sonic Mania, Switch outselling PS4 and Xbox One, Level 5 EB World Memberships, Mewto coming to Pokemon GO and Crackdown 3 being delayed to 2018.

And finally, we list our Top 3 video game trailers, and play RESET Mini-game: Two truths and a lie.