#55 – Put your faith in Far Cry 5

That’s a clever title right? Cause Far Cry 5 is about a religious cult. Faith, and all that. Cheers. Anyway, lots to talk about this week. We’ve played The Surge, passed Little Nightmares and played a bit of that Pokemon Magikarp Jump game. Are they worth playing? Well I’d be spoiling the episode if I answered that here. Oh well, the answer is yes, yes and not really.

This week we’re also discussing Red Dead Redemption being delayed to 2018, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, XBOX game pass, PlatinumGames teasing a new IP, Marvel Heroes Omega, Splatoon 2’s Switch Boxes for sale and indie kickstarter game Blasphemous.

And finally, we list our Top 3 Games for new gamers, and play RESET Mini-game: Character crossover.