#49 – Adventure game time: Thimbleweed Park and Paradigm

Turn your pages to two-hundred-and-fun, cause this week we’re talking some new point-and-click adventure games. Specifically, Thimbleweed Park and Paradigm. Not enough excitement for you? How dare you. But never mind, we’ve still got you covered with some first impressions of Persona 5 and Drawn to Death. Still not good enough? Well, crap. Sorry.

This week we’re also discussing Project Scorpio’s tech specs, Mass Effect Andromeda’s facial expression patch, the BAFTA game award winners, an impending Overwatch announcement, Dishonored 2 free trial, Dawn of War 3, an upcoming first look at Star Wars Battlefront 2 and indie game Geneshift.

And finally, we list of our Top 3 PC exclusive games and review the results of the Weekly Challenge; Super Hexagon.