#48 – So wait, what is Project Scorpio exactly?

At RESET, we ask all the important questions like; what the hell is Project Scorpio? Is it a next-gen console or a half-assed middle-child like the PS4 Pro? And hey, should Rocket League come to the Switch? (Yes yes yes yes yes). And what’s all this I’ve been hearing about Persona 5? Join us while we answer these, and some other questions in true RESET style, ie. not particularly well.

This week we’re also discussing Destiny 2 being officially announced, Outlast 2 and the final word on what happened with the Australian Censor Board, Blizzard Collectibles, some new Switch games, Drawn to Death and other PS Plus games for April, a potential We Happy Few film adaptation, Club Penguin being officially shut down and the impending release of Aussie indie game Paradigm.

And finally, we list of our Top 3 Non-human Companions and review the results of the Weekly Challenge; Mortal Kombat 2.