#46 – Death Squared, MS-DOS games and a bout of gaming constipation

Too young to appreciate the golden era of gaming that was DOS? Well jump aboard son, and get woke with some help from your favourite gal pals from RESET Podcast. And hey, you know that puzzle game Death Squared which we played at PAX and RTX? It’s out, we’ve played it and you can bet your bottom yen we’ve got something to say about it. Oh, and the mention about gaming constipation? Well.. just listen to the episode. I mean, what do you think this is? Some kind of episode summary?

We’re also discussing Mass Effect Andromeda, Outlast 2 being refused classification in Australia, Colin Moriarty leaving Kinda Funny, Horizon Zero Dawn sales, new Sonic game Sonic Forces, Switch Indies (or ‘Nindies’), Project Scorpio, Overwatch, Breath of the Wild (what? really?), Yooka-Laylee, EB Expo 2017 ticket dates and Super Mario Run on Android.

And finally, we list of our Top 3 MS-DOS Games and review the results of the Weekly Challenge; the Google Chrome offline dinosaur game.