#40 – So, we played the Nintendo Switch

We’ve just returned from Sydney and we’re tired and sunburnt, and you know what that means; time for a podcast. This week we’re discussing what we saw and played at RTX Sydney including finally getting our grubby little hands on the Nintendo Switch.

We’re also talking about Good Game’s cancellation, Resident Evil 7 banned Footage DLC, death of Masaya Nakamura, Strafe, Adventure Pals, Think of the Children, Yooka-Laylee, UFO Tofu, Death Squared and Pokemon Duel.

And in our final segments as always, we discuss our Top 3 at RTX, and review the results of the Weekly Challenge; Arcade Basketball. Visit us at www.resetpodcast.com and join in the discussion by emailing us at resetpodcastau@gmail.com

Also, just a quick shout out to all our AGPN podcasting friends in Sydney. And a special thanks to The Hungry Gamers for inviting us to be part of your 50th episode this weekend. Check out The Hungry Gamers at www.atebit.net