#34 – The Last Guardian was worth the wait

It’s been 9 or 10 years or whatever crazy amount of time it’s been, but The last Guardian is here, and spoiler alert: it’s pretty good. That, and Trico is one of the most adorable video game characters of all time.

In addition to everything The Last Guardian, this week we wax poetic about Super Mario Run and the Nintendo Switch on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the Playstation 4 selling 50 million units, Hitman’s XMAS themed level, Bully on mobile devices, China’s new loot box regulation, Suda51’s new game Let it Die, Nintendo Switch exclusive Seasons of Heaven, We Happy Few and indie game Renoir.

We also discuss the Top 3 games which we’ve spent the most time playing, and review the results of the Weekly Challenge; Street Fighter V. Visit us at www.resetpodcast.com and join in the discussion by emailing us at resetpodcastau@gmail.com