#29 – A massive PAX Aus 2016 Roundup & best of the Indie game showcase

PAX Aus is over for this year, and we’re sad pandas. In this episode, we do a big old roundup of everything PAX, especially indie indie indie, which was such a massive part of PAX this year. In addition to everything PAX we talk about the state of VR, GTAV’s 3 year anniversary, the new Overwatch character ‘Sombra’, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, a Mini Sega Genesis, Hitman Season 2 details, Diablo 3 Necromancer character pack, a new Daytona USA arcade game and VR on Project Scorpio.

We also discuss our Top 5 at PAX (anything, but spoiler alert: mostly indie games), and review the results of the Weekly Challenge; playing Mario Kart 8 at the Nintendo stand at PAX. Visit us at www.resetpodcast.com and join in the discussion by emailing us at resetpodcastau@gmail.com