#120 – Most anticipated games of 2019

Happy New Year to us. It’s RESET Podcast back for 2019, and you know what? We’re back. Missed us? Duh. Donate $1 thousand to us? Make it $1 million. Did we mention we’re back? We’re back.

This week we’re discussing the upcoming release of Resident Evil 2 including the 1 shot demo, Bungie splitting with Activision, EA cancelling their open-world Star Wars game, The Australian Game Awards, a new console on the horizon: The Mad Box, Westworld’s mobile game shutting down, new Xbox console rumours, Playstation Classic, Windjammers, Hitman 2, rumoured new Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters and our first experience with the XBOX Game Pass.

And finally, we list our Top 3 most anticipated games of 2019, and play NEW RESET Mini-game: IMDB Synopsis Frenzy.