#110 – Playstation? Classic

Has anyone ever noticed how weird the word ‘classic’ is? Seriously, look at it. Starts and ends with a ‘c’ and a double ‘s’ in the middle. Weird. But hey, you know what’s not weird? Sony releasing the Playstation Classic. It’s just money in the pock. Invest in Sony? As your trusted source for investment opportunities, RESET podcast says ‘yels’.

This week we’re also discussing Aussie indie game The Gardens Between, getting excited for PAX Aus, Switch Online Service’s NES catalog, Playstation Now allowing game downloads, EB Games’ ‘interesting’ Playstation loot box, Red Dead Online, Capcom Vancouver shutting down and Horizon Zero Dawn.

And finally, we list our Top 3 Gaming franchises that should take a break, and play RESET Mini-game: The List of Us.