#93 – Burning the Super Smash Bros symbol into our retinas

We’re in big trouble: we stared at the Super Smash Bros symbol for too long and now our eyes are stuffed. Every blink is a reminder and in every waking moment it’s in our mind’s eye, taunting us. Blegh. Frivolous statements aside, Super Smash Bros is coming to the Switch and we’re a little excited.

This week we’re also discussing Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Bluepoint working on a new and ‘bigger’ remake, Mario Tennis Aces, Lara Croft Barbie, WarioWare Gold, Fortnite coming to mobile, PS5 rumours and speculation, Days Gone getting delayed to 2019, Burnout Paradise Remastered and Forza Horizon 3 on the Xbox One X.

And finally, we list the Top 3 Games we loved but wouldn’t recommend to anyone else, and play RESET Mini-game: Dis or dat.

#92 – Movies that would make great video games

Have you ever asked yourself “hmm, what video games would make a good movie?”. Well good on you, but have you ever reversed it and instead asked “movie good a make would games video what, hmm?”. If so, you might be having a stroke, consult your physician immediately. We’re instead taking the road less travelled and asking “what movies would make a good video game?”.

This week we’re also discussing Detroit: Become Human getting a release date, new Overwatch hero Brigitte, the infamous Diablo night light, Metal Gear Survive not performing well, Yakuza 6 accidentally releasing for free, Tony Hawk announcing split from Activision, Pit People, Superhot VR and Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5.

And again, we list our Top 3 Movies that should have a video game, and play RESET Mini-game: Two truths and a lie.

#91 – Giving Playstation VR a second chance

Here’s one: you buy a Playstation VR on launch day, it gives you motion sickness so you sell it. What next? You buy another PSVR cause you arrogantly think you can build up a tolerance over time. So how does that work out? Lets find out in our new intermittent segment ‘PSVR Motion Sickness Update’. It’s probably not going to work. Maybe with the third PSVR.

We’re also discussing Accounting+, Superhot VR, Ni No Kuni 2 going gold, a final word on (the terrible) Metal Gear Survive, League of Legends loot box odds being published, 2018 DICE Awards winners, Burnout Paradise Remastered, PAX Aus 2018 dates announced, Hawaii legislating against loot boxes, Secret of Mana Remake and The Battle of Polytopia.

And finally, we list our Top 3 Strategy Games, and play RESET Mini-game: 20 Questions.

#90 – What’s the best Video Game Controller?

It’s a question that’s been passed through the ages, since sometime during the mesolithic period: What’s the best video game controller? And the answer is easy: who give a rats? Oh wait we do, cause we’re doing it for our Top 3 this week.

We’re also discussing a Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Remake rumour, the System Shock remake being put on hiatus, the impending release of Metal Gear Survive, Blizzard rounding up Warcraft 3 players for a super secret event, Kingdom Hearts 3, Sea of Thieves, Celeste, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition and The Station.

And again, we list our Top 3 Video Games Controllers, and play RESET Mini-game: The List of Us.

#89 – Shadow of the Celeste’us

The Shadow of the Colossus remake came out last week and hear it from us first: it’s thick and creamy, not unlike a delish tub of Yoplait Petit Miam. But something may have overshadowed our enjoyment of it. I’m talking about a little indie ditty called Celeste, which by comparison is a tub of Yoplait Petit Miam Strawberry. If you haven’t played the game, just trust us that’s clever. There are a strawberries in the game. It’s a good gag.

This week we’re also discussing some Red Dead Redemption 2 leaked details, Fortnite smashing concurrent player records, Mushroom Racing potentially coming to Australia, the PS4 Pro, Voxel Turf and Rime on PS Plus.

And finally, we list our Top 3 Best Remakes, and play RESET Mini-game: Chronoloco 2.

#88 – Crossover games which should exist

There’s nothing quite like a good video game crossover. Actually, that’s not true at all, there are plenty of things better. By and large they’re usually mediocre. So let’s change that: for this week’s Top 3 we’re discussing crossover video games which should exist. Spoiler alert: we don’t change anything, all our suggestions are pretty terrible.

This week we’re also discussing Red Dead Redemption 2 being delayed again, Xbox Game Pass including Microsoft first party titles on day of launch, THEC64 Mini (Commodore 64 Mini), Mario Kart Tour, Illumination and Nintendo working on a Mario movie, the upcoming Shadow of the Colossus Remake, Hunt: Showdown and Monster Hunter: World.

And again, we list our Top 3 Crossover games which should exist, and play RESET Mini-game: Who’s that sound.

#87 – Hunting monsters never felt so good

Monster Hunter: World came out this week, so we thought we’d give it a try. We tried killing one monster just to see what it was like. “One is enough” we thought. It wasn’t, so we killed another monster. “Two, that’s more than enough”. Two is never enough. Like Pringles, once you pop (a cap in a monster), you can’t stop. Long story short, it’s a good game. Fin.

This week we’re also discussing Aussie indie game Damsel, BioWare’s Anthem being delayed to 2019, Nintendo pulling the plug on Miitomo and Epic Games discontinuing Paragon.

And finally, we list our Top 3 fighting game characters, and play RESET Mini-game: The List of Us.

#86 – Metal Gear Survive isn’t terrible. Counterpoint: Yes it is.

Metal Gear Survive is a game in which the player needs to survive (that is; choose to continue living) after playing a bastardised spinoff of a renowned and beloved series. We’re glad to report we got out alive, if barely, and on this episode we’re going to tell our story. Melodramatic? Yeah. Overreaction? I mean.. yeah. But still.

This week we’re also discussing Nintendo Labo (if anyone knows how to pronounce it, fax us), Overwatch Blizzard World update, Playstation’s new Totaku figurine line, Genital Jousting getting an Australian release and probably the last time we’ll ever talk about Hidden Agenda.

And finally, we list our Top 3 Games we’ve bought more than once, and play RESET Mini-game: Character Crossover.

#85 – Most anticipated games of 2018

New year, new us. But not really. We’re the same old RESET, except for a bunch of changes we’re making. Resolutions, if you will. But you shouldn’t, cause we have none. Except for a few. We don’t. This episode is about the year ahead, particularly the games we’re looking forward to playing most in 2018.

This week we’re also discussing Dark Souls Remastered, the first Nintendo Direct Mini of the year, The Overwatch League, Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, Doki Doki Literature Club, Floor Kids, Yakuza 0, Hidden Agenda, Party Golf and Superhot.

And finally, we list our Top 3 most anticipated games of 2018, and play RESET Mini-game: Two truths and a lie.

#84 – The best and worst of video games in 2017

So it’s our final episode for 2017, and you can bet your donger that we’re going to avoid discussing the year as much as possible, so as not to remind ourselves that we’re getting older and that we’ll soon be dead. Wow, dark. Scratch that, we absolutely are talking about the year. Specifically, the very best and worst of the year in video games. We’re also capping off the 2017 RESET Awards with our Game of the year. But that’s not enough for our final pod, so we’ve also played the Game Awards’ Best Narrative award winner: What Remains of Edith Finch.

This week we’re also discussing PUBG’s rocky launch on the Xbox One, rumours about a Burnout Paradise Remaster, a new Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time glitch, SEGA turning down Jet Set Radio Evolution, Monster Hunter World Beta, Overwatch’s new Winter Wonderland event and indie games Riot – Civil Unrest and Floor Kids.

And finally, we discuss the winners of the final RESET Award for 2017: Game of the Year, and play RESET Mini-game: Dis or dat.

Australasian Gaming Podcast Network Spotlight

RESET is part of AGPN (The Australasian Gaming Podcast Network), a collective of gaming podcasts from Australia and New Zealand.

We reached out to the podcasters of AGPN for inclusion in a spotlight montage at the end of our last episode of 2017 (#84). Below are links to each podcast in the montage. Show them some love.

Bit Storm – Website | iTunes | Podchaser
Ultra Super Mega – Website | iTunes | Podchaser
A Couple of NPCs – iTunes | Podchaser
The Inconsolables – iTunes | Podchaser
Dialogue Options – iTunes | Podchaser
OK Games – Website | iTunes | Podchaser
The Hungry Gamers – Website | iTunes | Podchaser
The Slowpokes – Website | iTunes | Podchaser

For many more delish Aussie gaming podcasts, visit AGPN on Twitter or Facebook.

#83 – Bloodborne 2 confirmed? Well no, but maybe.

So without knowing for sure that FromSoftware’s teaser shown off at The Game Awards was teasing Bloodborne 2, we thought we’d send an email to their press mailbox for confirmation. We got an almost instantaneous reply from mailer-daemon, so that seems like a pretty good sign. Oh, and we attempted a second run of Hidden Agenda this week. Hopefully third time’s the charm.

This week we’re also discussing the biggest announcements at The Game Awards 2017, the biggest announcements at Playstation Experience 2017, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the impending release of Aussie indie game RUMU, Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris content removal, Detroit: Become Human’s negative press during the week and Million Onion Hotel.

And finally, we discuss the winners of the third RESET Award for 2017: The ‘We like Original Games’ Award, and play RESET Mini-game: 20 Questions.

#82 – Careful who you play Hidden Agenda with

A great scholar once said “there’s no time like the present, and there’s no present like cash”. And with that in mind, welcome to episode 82. What have we been up to this last week you ask? First of all, cool it with the invasive questions. But to answer your question, we’ve been playing delish games like Hidden Agenda, Yakuza 0 and the charming and heartwarming visual novel: Doki Doki Literature Club!

This week we’re also discussing some new Cyberpunk 2077 details, Rocket League hitting 2 billion matches, the first expansion for Civilization 6: Rise and Fall, the Switch being Black Friday’s best selling product, Monster Hunter: World upcoming beta details, Demon’s Souls online services shutting down in early 2018, Cuphead patch fixing the Mugman army glitch and Jazz Jackrabbit coming to GOG.

And finally, we discuss the winners of the second RESET Award for 2017: The ‘Who would have thought?’ Award, and play RESET Mini-game: Chronoloco.

#81 – Need for Speed Pay-pack. It’s wordplay.

It’s Awards season baby and you know what that means. Or at least we’re hoping you do, cause we don’t. Shoot us an email and let us know please. Anyway, one of us seems to have developed an obsession with terribly mediocre games and has picked up Need for Speed Payback. Spoiler alert: it’s terribly mediocre. The other picked up Rocket League on the Switch, so there goes that mystery.

This week we’re also discussing the ongoing fallout from EA’s implementation of microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, an interesting Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice dev diary from Ninja Theory, FIFA 18 facing a boycott with the #FixFIFA campaign, Marvel Heroes being shut down, Playground Games working on an action adventure RPG, To the Moon 2: Finding Paradise and indie skateboarding game Session on Kickstarter.

And finally, we discuss the winners of the first RESET Award for 2017: The ‘One game for the rest of your life’ Award, and play RESET Mini-game: 20 Questions.

#80 – We (kind of) regret buying Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Okay, so last week we said we weren’t going to buy Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Well we lied. We couldn’t help it, and now we’re on a one-way trip to h-e-double hockey sticks. We’ll say hi to the EA executive team when we get there. But in the meantime here’s a bit of a shanghai surprise: the game is good, particularly the single player campaign. So does it deserve all the hate it’s getting? Well, yes.

This week we’re also discussing The Game Awards nominations, Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis in Tekken 7, playing new Overwatch hero Moira, The Golden Joystick awards and kicking off The RESET Awards 2017.

And finally, we list our Top 3 lines of gaming dialogue, and play RESET Mini-game: Dis or dat.

#79 – Celebrating the Xbox One X and all gaming consoles

Console yourself for this week’s episode cause we’re talking about gaming consoles like the lovely new Xbox One X, with a value proposition that simply can’t be beat: 6 teraflops and no games. We’ve had hands on time with the world’s most powerful console this week, so join us while we discuss the primordial question: should you buy one? We’ve also passed Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, so plenty to talk about.

This week we’re also discussing Telltale Games laying off a quarter of their staff, Extra life fundraising marathon, Niantic working on a Harry Potter game called Wizards Unite, Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer expansion: Comrades, Grand Theft Auto 5 being the best-selling videogame of all time in the US, Xenoblade crossover in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Red Dead Redemption 2’s recurrent consumer spending.

And finally, we list our Top 3 Gaming Systems/Consoles/Platforms, and play RESET Mini-game: Who’s that sound.

#78 – Super Mario Odyssey is an absolute delight

Alright, here’s the 411 folks: we’ve both passed Super Mario Odyssey and we can confirm the game is deee-lish. If you’ve got a Switch but haven’t picked up Odyssey yet, stop reading this episode synopsis and leg it to your nearest gaming outlet and hand the sales assistant a blank cheque. Actually, scratch that: listen to the episode on repeat and send the aforementioned blank cheque to us instead. Cheers.

This week we’re also discussing Playstation at Paris Games Week including Ghost of Tsushima, some exciting Blizzcon news including a new Overwatch character and map, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Xbox One release date, Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, Monster Hunter World not doing loot boxes, LA Noire on the Switch and Sony Rewards.

And finally, we list our Top 3 Characters in the Mushroom Kingdom, and play RESET Mini-game: Chronoloco.

#77 – Best of PAX Aus 2017

PAX is over for another year and now it’s time to cry til our tears fill up the room so we can eventually go swimming and feel happiness again. That’ll take a while though so in the meantime give us a listen, cause we’re doing a PAX Aus 2017 round-up. And spoiler alert: that means we’re talking indie games like Projection, Damsel, Eastward, The Gardens Between, West of Loathing, Rumu, Virtually Impossible, Sky Noon and more.

This week we’re also discussing Super Mario Odyssey, Sea of Thieves, After You, Playstation promising some new games at Paris Games Week, Papers Please short film adaptation, Microsoft stopping Kinect production, Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, Gamecube support on the Switch, Steve Gilmour leaving BioWare, Metal Gear Survive being always-online and Hitman: Game of the Year Edition.

And finally, we list our Top 3 Best at PAX Aus 2017, and play RESET Mini-game: Keyword Countdown (with special guests Andrew, Paul and Sammy from The Inconsolables).

#76 – PAX Aus 2017 Preshow

You heading in to PAX later this week? No? Oh. Well if you are, strap in and hold onto your butt cause we’re taking you on a PAX Aus 2017 crash course. From AAA exhibitors to indies, we’ve got you covered. And if that’s not enough: well obviously theres no pleasing you. But relax, cause we’ve also played South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Dropmix and we’re talking about them too.

This week we’re also discussing the Nintendo Switch 4.0 update, Steam sale dates, Sony’s new publishing label Unties and EA shutting down Visceral Games.

And finally, we list our Top 3 Indie Games were looking forward to seeing at PAX Aus 2017, and play RESET Mini-game: 20 Questions.