Mini Games

Every week on RESET we play a Mini Game and we’ve ingeniously called the segment the RESET Mini Game, cause we’re clever like that.

Below is a list of the recurring mini-games we play on the podcast, in the order they were conceived (or stolen). Click the names of the RESET Mini Games to view a list of episodes in which we played them.

Keyword CountdownAs Gav from the IGN UK Podcast would say (because we've stolen this mini game from them) "IMDB categorises movies and games with a bunch of CRAZY keywords". In this mini-game, we tick down a list of 7 keywords for a set of 5 games. The sooner you pick the game, the more points you get.
JB Staff ReviewsJB Hi-Fi is an Australian retailer that encourages staff to review products on the shelves with little laminated tickets. Some of these reviews are straight down the line, but mostly they’re satirical and hilarious. In this RESET Mini-game, we try to pick the game based on the contents of the JB staff review.
Metacritic Zero User ReviewsNo matter how good a game might be, there’s bound to be someone that hates it. Or just passive-aggressively writes that they hate it because it didn’t release on their favourite console. In this RESET Mini-game, we try to guess the game based on a series of 0 rated metacritic user reviews.
Character CrossoverWhat would happen if you took a game character from one universe and threw them in another. What would happen to Sackboy if he found himself in Los Santos? How would Mario fare in Mordor? In this RESET Mini-game, one person mentions a game character, the other mentions a universe, and we discuss wether the character would survive.
The Game Name GameYou take a game, use the last letter of said game’s name to keep naming game names until there are no more game names that can be named to match the last letter of the previously named game. And there you have it; the game name game. There are rules however: 1) Only 1 game named per franchise, and 2) the game name named must be from a franchise that started as a game.
The AnnouncementHark! There’s a game announcement coming and spoiler alert: it’ll never be released. We give each other a protagonist, setting and genre and we’ve got to sell our new game like it’s about to hit store shelves. And to add insult to injury, we then have a short Q&A to iron out any details. Get ready for a big gaming announcement with: The Announcement.
Dis or datStolen from the old ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ games: One of us rattles off a list of things, and the other guesses whether it’s dis (one thing) or dat (another thing).
20 QuestionsOne person thinks of a game which the other needs to guess by asking a series of Yes/No questions. The aim is to guess the game using the least number of questions, cause spoiler alert: if you can’t guess it by the 20th question, you’re dead.
Marry Shag KillIn perhaps the dumbest of the RESET Mini-games, we present: Marry Shag Kill. Each person suggests 3 video game characters, and the other debates their way through which of the three they would marry, shag and kill. Obviously.
Two truths and a lieWe each have three statements, three games synopsises, three SOMETHINGs - and heres the fun part: one of them is a straight-up dirty rotten lie. Join us as we try to pick the bullshit in, Two truths and a lie.
ChronolocoWe are each randomly provided with the names of three real games. It’s our job to guess the year each of these games came out with the aim of achieving a total variance lower than the opposing player.
Who’s that soundIf a video game is being played in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? The answer is: I don’t know. In this RESET Mini-game, one person plays a series of sounds and the other has to guess from what game/console/whatever they originated.
The List of UsLike Santa Clause, we’re making a list. But unlike Santa, we’re shit at it. In this mini-game, we give each other a topic and a target, and we have to try to list relevant items to hit that target in 30 seconds.
Chronoloco 2Which came first, the Yoshi or the Egg? The correct answer is: who cares? In this RESET Mini-game, the sequel to chronoloco, one person reads out a series of two things, and the other person has to guess which of the two came first.
Metacritic MadnessIn a game we used to play at our old job together, we use a random game generator to give us 3 games from the same year. We then have to discuss and guess the metascore for each game. Closest guess wins the round.