The RESET Awards 2016 Categories

It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means; well actually you probably don’t, cause it’s the first time we’ve done this. Yes thats right! It’s the RESET Awards!

In our final episode for the year, we’re going to be drumming off our (and your) winners for the following five categories. The only rule is the games on your list must have been released in 2016.

The ‘What am I doing with my life’ Award

For the game that you spent waaaay too much time playing, regardless of whether it’s a good game or not.

The biggest surprise Award

For the game that you didn’t expect too much of, or perhaps didn’t know anything about, but turned out to be one of your favourites of the year. Or perhaps, the complete opposite.

The ‘Why didn’t I play this game?’ Award

For the game that despite your best efforts you just didn’t get around to playing. You know you’ll enjoy it, everyone else who’s played it seems unable to shut up about it, and yet you just haven’t taken the plunge yet.

The ‘One game for the rest of your life’ Award

Here’s a tough one: For the single game (that came out in 2016) that you’d be most happy (or least unhappy) to play exclusively for the rest of your entire life.

Game of the Year

*Yawn* Boring. What’s your favourite game of the year? *Foghorn*

“So what?” we hear you say, “Who gives a rats about gaming awards, let alone the gaming awards of a, let’s be honest, shitty gaming podcast”. Well that’s, wow, actually surprisingly hurtful.

But nonetheless, please shoot us an email, Twitter DM or Facebook message with your winners, and if you’d like, a quick sentence on each. But we’re not fussy.

Listen to our final episode of the year (#35) on Monday 18th Dec, where we’ll be discussing our winners and all the unique entries we’ve received from you lot.