All the indie games at PAX Aus 2017

So you can plan ahead at PAX Aus 2017, we’ve prepared a list of all the indie games in the Indie Showcase and PAX Rising sections of the show floor.

Did we miss something? Or is anything wrong? Let us know here.

A Township TaleAlta VRA Township Tale is an VR open-world multiplayer game being built by Alta VR.Game Website
Armed with Wings: RearmedSun-StudiosArmed with Wings: Rearmed is a 2D Action / Platformer rebirth of the original 2008 Flash Game where you command both samurai warrior and eagle.Dev Website
Aura of WorldsCognitive ForgeAura of Worlds is a creative strategy roguelike platformer.Game website
BlockpocalypseDime StudiosBlockpocalypse is a local multiplayer party platformer about surviving with friends in the apocalypse or at least outliving them.Dev Website
Bounce HouseTwice DifferentTest your skills on the world's longest bouncy Bounce House gauntlet! It's so long it never ends!
Brief BattlesJuicy CupcakeMay your butt reign supreme in Brief Battles, use your underpants to fight your friends in this fast-paced couch gaming platform fighter!Game Website
CastHumble Sage Games'Cast' is a Virtual Reality game where the player learns to cast powerful spells using a magic wand.Dev Website
Chroma ShiftDev or Die StudiosChroma Shift is a co-op puzzle game where one robot is strong and the other is smart.Dev Website
ChromalocityWrecked Angle StudiosChromalocity is a first person, speed running platformer built upon finding a balance in the rhythmic mechanics of the game.Dev Facebook
City of BrassUppercut GamesBecome a daring thief in City of Brass, a punishing first-person rogue-lite filled with treasure, traps and ghoulish foes.Dev Website
Collateral DamageArtisans gamesCollateral Damage is a hero arena brawler. Control unique robots as they fight over the last remaining resources of their crumbling planet.Dev Website
DamselScrewtape StudiosDamsel is a frenetic arcade platformer set in a dark, pulpy, cartoon world.Game Website
DawnbladeMonster Scope StudiosA modern hack 'n' slash, dungeon crawler where you can fight your way through dungeons, loot treasures, slay monsters, acquire battle pets, and achieve greatness in a world where only the strongest prevail.Dev Website
Dead Static DriveMike BlackneyA horror road-trip adventure through a desolate small-town world.Dev Website
Death SquaredSMG StudiosDeath Squared is a multiplayer puzzle game about cooperation, communication and robot explosions.Game Website
DesertopiaGamtropy StudioDesertopia is a unique simulation game because nothing lives long. You will explore a desert island and nurture new species along with different accidental events.Dev Website
Drone LegionDark Shadow StudioDrone Racing SimulatorDev Website
Drunken HerosFluffy KnuckledusterWith Drunken Heroes you can lead a team of 2 to 8 friends on an epic adventure of debauched shenanigans that will quickly make it a night worth remembering... If you can remember it at all!Dev Facebook
Dungeon LeagueAchebitDungeon League takes everything that is awesome about dungeon crawling and spews it out as ten minutes of chaotic, multiplayer, party-game action.Game Website
DupedReuben MoorhouseExplore a cold, dark cave. Solve puzzles to get up and get out.Dev Website
DUSKDavid SzymanskiBattle through an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants & even darker forces as you attempt to discover just what lurks beneath the Earth in this retro FPS inspired by the '90s legends.Dev
EastwardPixpilEastward is an action adventure with a post-apocalyptic setting and some modern pixel art.Dev Website
EatvolvePapadarEatvolve is a randomly generated action platformer in which you eat other creatures, take on their characteristics and grow larger as you work your way up the foodchain.Game Website
Elden - Path of the ForgottenOnerat Games_Elden is a medieval cosmic horror game, focusing on story telling through non-traditional indirect methods.Game Website
Eyes of Ara100 Stones InteractiveEscape to another place. Become enthralled in an award-winning Adventure-Puzzle game set in a gorgeous 3D environment.Dev Website
Fiend LegionSpree EntertainmentFiend Legion is a digital Trading Card Game (TCG) with immersive strategic gameplay that challenges the player to adapt their play style after each battle.Dev Website
FirstbornElston StudiosFirstborn is part puzzle, part turn based strategy and all old school pixel nostalgia.Dev Website
FortsEarthworks GamesForts is a physics-based RTS where foes design and build custom bases, arm them to the teeth and blast their opponent's creations to rubble.Dev Website
Framed 2LoveShackNoir Puzzle Game. Re-arranged panels of an animated comic book to change the outcome of the storyGame Website
Goblins of ElderstoneLost GoblinGoblins of Elderstone brings a unique and chaotic twist to the city-building genre - it's a Goblin Tribe Simulator!Game Website
GrabityNinja ThumbsDance the tango of death in GRABITY, a fast-paced, physics-based arena brawler.Dev Website
Hand of Fate 2Defiant DevelopmentAs in the original Hand of Fate, adventurers explore a dark fantasy world built from collectible cards distributed by a magical dealer in a meta boardgame.Dev Website
Harvest HandsGoblin Hammer GamesHarvest Hands is an upcoming farm life game, where you as the apprentice farmer, have the freedom to explore and expand your farm however you please.Dev Website
HEISTAtomizer GamesHeist is a noir cat burglar game, in which you use non-lethal tools to 'get in' 'get it' & 'get out'.Dev Website
Hunt 'n' SneakPixel EngineersMultiplayer mayhem in a top down map shrouded in darkness, where you and your friends find yourselves in the roles of the fearsome Gobbler and its terrified victims.Game Website
Hyper JamBit DragonHyper Jam is a neon-soaked arena brawler for up to 4 friends with a focus on satisfying combat and replayability.Game Website
InflatalityHojo StudioFierce derpy physics fighter featuring adorable inflatable wavers beating the crap out of each other.Game Website
InsigniaStudio UpponhillRelive the golden 16-bit era of video games with an action-RPG experience that promises to match fun, tight combat with a captivating tale of adventure, inheritence and retribution. Dev Website
Intergalactic Space PrincessIzzy Gramp & Laura StokesIntergalactic Space Princess is a hyperactive adventure game about mistaken identity and roaming across the galaxy.Game Website
Kana QuestTheodor KipenCross between dominoes and candy crush that also teaches the phonetic Japanese Alphabet.Game Website
Light/SourceSalty StudiosIn development.Dev Website
MasqueradaWitching Hour StudiosUnravel the conspiracies enshrouding the turmoil-ridden city of Ombre in Masquerada, a tactical action RPG set in a lush 2.5D Venetian fantasy world of masks and magic.Game Website
MorphiteCrescent MoonMorphite is a casual atmospheric FPS, inspired by the classics.Dev Website
NecrobaristaRoute 59Come visit a supernatural cafe where the living come to mingle with the dead.Game Website
Odd GodsInn Between WorldsAn isometric tactical role playing game about spacetime travel, pop culture demons, and the end of the 1990s.Dev Website
Original JourneyBonfire EntertainmentOriginal Journey, a sci-fi action-adventure with elaborately detailed pencil art.Publisher Website
PaperbarkPaper HousePaperbark is a game that tells a playful short story of the bush, a wombat and a very hot Australian Summer.Game Website
Paperville PanicUltimersePaperville Panic is an action-adventure VR exploration game. A completely unprepared town made entirely of paper is hit by its first ever fire, and it's up to you to save it.Dev Website
Party GolfGiant MargaritaParty Golf is a crazy and competitive couchplay game for one to eight players.Game Website
PICO TANKSPanda ArcadePICO TANKS is a casual but competitive team based multiplayer shooter, focused on action-packed combat and rewarding team play.Dev Website
Primordials: FirebornToy Box Game StudiosPrimordials: Fireborn is an action adventure game following the tale of a fiery young hero named Ash who finds himself on an epic journey to unlock the lost secrets of his past.Dev Website
ProjectionShadowplay StudiosA shadow puppet adventure about light manipulation, curiosity and lost art. Dev Website
Putty PalsHarmonious GamesPutty Pals is a colorful, feel-good adventure of squishy teamwork to share with a friend!Game Website
QinotoStudio FlipQinoto is a new type of puzzle/hidden object game that utilises multi-touch to deliver a unique gameplay experience.Dev Blog
Rainbow ReefChaos Theory GamesBubble gardening game where you nurture your own coral reef.Dev Website
Rat Race EnterpriserEpiphany GamesRat Race Enterpriser is a game for anyone with an entrepreneural mindset, for people who enjoy doing things their way and who make their own path in life.Game Website
Regular Human BasketballPowerhoofLocal multiplayer b-ball for 2-10 humans.Game Website
RumuRobot HouseRumu is an intimate, narrative-driven adventure that follows the path into sentience of a robot vacuum cleaner.Game Facebook
Shots FiredChryseShots Fired is a sniper shooter game where you take the role of a vengeful assassin because why not? Your mission? Take down your targets using a single bullet.Dev
Sinner: Sacrifice for RedemptionDark StarSet in a dark and forbidding realm with a twisted past and deep lore. Inspired by the Souls series, Shadow of the Colossus, and with a dash of anime styling.Publisher Website
Sky NoonLunar RoosterSky Noon is a First-Person Shooter with Brawler mechanics.Dev Website
SneakerThreebeakArmed with only the shoes from your feet, manipulate time and use your sneaky stealth skills to slip through ranks of guards to carry out your super-classified covert spy missions.Game Website
SpearboundMuesli Bros.Inspired by the 16-bit console era, Spearbound is a 2D action based platformer with vibrant pixel art, and a dynamic soundtrack. Dev Website
Spin RhythmS Games Pty LtdFrom the creators of Steppy Pants
SprykeVolnaiskraSpryke is a skill-based platformer that builds on the formula of tough, no-nonsense games like Super Meat Boy.Game Website
Stardrift NomadsRisen GamesStardrift Nomads is a dual-stick space shooter with a focus on cooperative play and retro action.Game Website
StifledGatai GamesStifled is a multi-award winning, VR and Mic-Enabled Sound-Based Stealth Thriller, where sound is the only way you see and the enemies HEAR your fear.Game Website
The Adventure PalsMassive MonsterThe Adventure Pals is a quirky game about friendship involving a small boy and the crazy adventures he goes on with his giraffe and pet rock. The boy must explore his childhood as he goes on an epic quest to rescue his papa from being turned into a hot dog.Game Website
The American DreamSamurai PunkA satirical virtual reality trip through a 1950's world's fair where you learn to live your life with guns.Dev Website
The Gardens BetweenThe Voxel Agentshe Gardens Between is a breathtaking puzzle game where best friends, Arina and Frendt, find themselves in a surreal world of garden islands.Dev Website
Think of the ChildrenJammed Up StudiosThink of the Children is a frantic co-op parenting simulator.Game Website
Ticket to EarthRobot CircusIntroducing a new style of gameplay that blends puzzle and tactics games. Ticket to Earth is the quick-play, mission-based RPG you've been waiting for.Dev Website
Tonight we RiotPIxel Pushers Union 512Jump into the boots of one of many working class heroes as players direct a growing horde as you fight your way through the Streets of Change using whatever you can as a weapon.Game Facebook
Ultra BreakAutotelicUltra Break is a 2D Arcade brick breaker which retains the fast paced gameplay of classics like Arkanoid, while complementing them with modern mechanics and features.Game Website
VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender ActionSukeban GamesA booze em' up about waifus, technology, and post-dystopia life.Game Website
Veil of CrowsArrow Face GamesVeil of crows is a sandbox style real-time strategy game set in a chaotic medieval world.Game Website
Virtually ImpossibleGrowl InteractiveThe Impossible VR Party Game. Deceivingly simple and hilarious for players and audiences that is sure to bring the room to its feet.Dev Website
Weekend at the HimalayasFluffy KnuckledusterFamous mountaineer, Lord Cockfoster, has died, but that won't stop him climbing! Fling him skyward to reach new heights that he never could have achieved while alive!Dev Facebook
West of LoathingAsymmetricA slapstick comedy stick-figure wild west adventure role-playing game.Game Website
Winter's WakeCheesenessText based fantasy adventure game in which players take on the role of an adventurer who becomes trapped in a snowy mountain passDev Twitter
Witch ThiefCardboard KeepPlay as the Witch Thief, dodging and weaving through terrifyingly intricate bullet storms on her journey to steal the Ancient Grimoire.Dev
YIIK: A postmodern RPGAckkStudiosYIIK is a turn based Japanese Style RPG set in the 1990s, about eight strangers, a mysterious woman who vanishes in an elevator, and the supernatural.Game Website