Australasian Gaming Podcast Network Spotlight

RESET is part of AGPN (The Australasian Gaming Podcast Network), a collective of gaming podcasts from Australia and New Zealand.

We reached out to the podcasters of AGPN for inclusion in a spotlight montage at the end of our last episode of 2017 (#84). Below are links to each podcast in the montage. Show them some love.

Bit Storm – Website | iTunes | Podchaser
Ultra Super Mega – Website | iTunes | Podchaser
A Couple of NPCs – iTunes | Podchaser
The Inconsolables – iTunes | Podchaser
Dialogue Options – iTunes | Podchaser
OK Games – Website | iTunes | Podchaser
The Hungry Gamers – Website | iTunes | Podchaser
The Slowpokes – Website | iTunes | Podchaser

For many more delish Aussie gaming podcasts, visit AGPN on Twitter or Facebook.